Treatment in Germany

Treatment in Germany - International Patient Center

We are exclusively focused upon the delivery of state of the art diagnostics and treatment solutions for our international medical patients. 

Our patients  are supported by a dedicated team of highly trained, multilingual international patient staff, based in Leipzig  (Germany).

We offer the following services for our cancer patients:

  • Full scale diagnostics and treatment of any kind of cancer
  • Interdisciplinary and tumorboard based treatment
  • Complete range of multidisciplinary surgical, chemotherapeutic and / or irradiation procedures
  • Comprehensive check up for the prevention of cancer relapse
  • Rehabilitation programs for better fitness following chemotherapy, surgery and  / or irradiation
  • Special physiotherapeutic programs to reduce polyneuropathy disability after chemotherapy
  • Enteral or parenteral high caloric nutrition programs for gaining weight and for better fitness after oncologic treatment
  • Remote on-line consultations for regular visitations of our patients
  • Medical support for accompanying family members, including check up programs

By contacting our International Patient Centre, you will receive the full support from scheduling your appointments to booking your travel and lodging.

We welcome you in Leipzig!

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Becoming an international patient

1. The first step is to contact our International Patient Center. Our information specialist speaks at least two languages.

2. When contacting with an Information Specialist, it will be helpful to inform us about your medical history. This may include a written history from your doctor with details about your diagnosis, results from any tests or scans you’ve had recently, pathology slides or imaging results. These materials can be provided in English or German.

3. Our clinical team will carefully review your medical records and we´ll inform you as quickly as possible whether we can provide the treatment that you need.

Once you decide that you will pursue treatment at our medical Facility we assist you with coordinating your travel and scheduling your first appointments.

Language interpretation services are available during every step of the process. 

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Our doctors develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and diagnosis.

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